Juice is everywhere there is a juice bar on almost every corner. Everyone is juicing and the manufacturers promote the health benefits and how it is part of everyone getting their daily share of vitamins and nutrients.

But juice is not without its naysayers and the problem they say is fiber and sugar. The source of the problem comes from days gone by.

If you don’t need to refrigerate it there’s a problem

Remember way back when there was a brand which must be good because it’s juice, right? Except that it turns out to have as much sugar as a can of coke and a whole pile of chemicals to stop it from going off.

Not Real juice

Where today’s juice bar brooklyn has come into the market is to make good tasting natural drinks without the sugar and without the preservatives. Which means you must refrigerate it or it will go off.

Getting fruit juice without extra sugar and with the pulp also, to an extent, addresses the fiber issue. You can’t digest fiber but it is essential for good digestion, and so some people feel that you should just eat the fruit. That way you would get the juice and the fiber too.

Fresh juice is good for you

There is a place for real juice in the diet. It is convenient, it does provide vitamins and minerals and you can add fiber to it too. If your life is such that getting in enough fruits and vegetables is hard, then juice is a great start.

The trick is to balance it with your diet. Make sure that there is sufficient fiber from other sources and limit the intake of added sugar, most fruit does not need it anyway.